News from the Ancient Letter Collections Project

There is quite a bit of news to report from the Letters project!


There have been some changes to the make-up of the members of the project. Our PDRA, Dr Antonia Sarri, has now moved on to a permanent post as Assistant Professor in Greek Philology at the University of Athens (congratulations, Antonia!). We were also lucky enough to benefit from the work of Dr Janja Soldo on the project in 2022: Janja has herself now moved on to a permanent post as Lecturer in Classical Languages and Literature at the University of Edinburgh (congratulations, Janja!). We’ve therefore appointed Dr Julene Abad Del Vecchio as the project PDRA since July 2022. Welcome aboard, Julene!

There are more changes to come: Andrew Morrison is moving to the University of Glasgow to take up the MacDowell Chair of Greek at Glasgow, where he will continue to co-direct the project.


As the Letters project continues, one of our aims is to focus on outreach activities of various kinds, including videos on different aspects of ancient epistolography. Here is a recent video of Prof. Roy Gibson, the project’s PI and co-director, giving a talk to the Herculaneum Society about Pliny.

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